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Como Animal Works

Como Animal works is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization located in Oro Valley, AZ.
Founded by Timothy Hall and Kareena Parris as an adorable, safe place for owners, and pets
experiencing difficulties within their personal lives.


Since starting our organization intentionally from within Como Pet Lodge in 2022, we
have successfully rehabilitated and rehomed numerous dogs that have been mislabeled as
“aggressive” or “unadoptable”. This also included dogs with undiagnosed developmental
disadvantages such as autism, and littermate syndrome, resource guarding, and so much more.


CAW is passionate in guiding dogs to overcome what some consider unadoptable
behaviors through our unique pack therapy techniques; giving dogs the stepping-stones to
thrive in a human's world, and their own canine world.

        CAW’s mission is to help the community by improving not only the physiological development of
dogs in an animal-human relationship, but also the emotional relationship between human, and dog often resulting in conflict. 


      CAW has the opportunity to safely rehabilitate both canines, and their owners experiencing family crisis through what we call our Shelter By Pass Program.

Through our program at CAW, we are able to reunite beloved furry family members with their
loved ones during these extremely difficult times.


All of this wouldn’t be possible without the Support, Compassion, and Faith in CAW from
our amazing community, friends, and family of Como, Thank you!

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