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Our Services: Image


ALL Services Require submission of

Full Vaccination Records (Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella)

Your request for Reservations may not be accepted until

Documentation is Uploaded to Gingr 


A $10 per day surcharge will be added to invoices

of animals who are not spayed/neutered (over 3 mo. old)

Our Services: Quote

Meet-n-Greet Evaluation
Flat $100

Nervous about boarding with the pack? First time boarding your furry friend? Or just want to see how your pet socializes with other dogs? Use our meet-n-greet service as a way to test the waters and give us a sneak peak on how best to socialize/handle your pet.  This is not required, it is not an "interview" or audition," we take all dogs, regardless.  So, now that you know your pet is always welcome, lets talk about the challenges and joys your pet will have here. 

Note: This is your time to tell us all about your pet(s), your experiences, and any trauma or behaviors affecting your dog and their life with you.  The more time you set aside the better.  We often recommend that once the dog (and owner) is ready, go run some errands.  Come back in an hour or two, check in with your pet, and go do it again.  After a few rounds of this, your pet will learn the pattern and relax, and is then ready for Pack Therapy to begin it's magic!

Solo Run, Solo Yard Time
$80 per night

We most certainly recommend bringing your pet for a Meet-n-Greet Evaluation to determine whether solo boarding, no group play, is the best option for your pet(s).  Solo boarding will reserve a solo kennel & run with individual yard time/exercise separate from other boarders. This type of reservation is recommended for pet(s) that are un-altered or might have a known temperament issue around other dogs. Walks are not included, and your pet will likely spend much of their stay restricted to their run, with a few bathroom breaks.  It is often our recommendation to start with this reservation type, and then move to less restrictive stays as the dog benefits from our Pack Therapy. This is the most expendive reservation ( other than "house & Home) and is the mostr special handeling.

Solo Run, Group Yard Time
$65 per night

Solo boarding with group play time is an excellent way to ensure your pet has the best of both worlds. This reservation type allows for your dog to nap hard and play hard with a solo kennel & run for feeding and downtime.  It is excellent for dogs new to group play and pack therapy dynamics, which so many of our new-normal dogs are now.  They often need frequent breaks during the day from such hard work learning a new situation. This reservation type also allows personal items to be kept in their run, fairly safe from other dogs.  Often the run will be the same each time/night, but this is not guaranteed, and during busy times, the $80 per night reservation pets have first priority.

Secured Nightly
Group Part-Time

$50 per night

Your dog can play all day with the other dogs in our yards, but at nighttime they are put away in a private crate/kennel.  Depending on space and availability, this could range from a crate inside, outside undercover, or even an entire run.  Either way your pet will be secure for the night.  Like all our other reservations, crate space will also be used for feeding and downtime.  During busy times, the $80 and the $65 a night reservations have priority for the runs, but we always have space for more sleeping crates.  This option allows your pet to have "personnel" items that stay in their crate for the entire stay.  Ask for details at time of check-in.

"Pack" Boarding
Group Full-Time

$40 per dog/night

Yes this is our most affordable boarding option, and absolutely it is the best option for your dog to be a better dog, both here and at home with you;


It is also the option with the highest risk of injury, possibly serious injury.

While the rewards of our Pack Therapy model far outweigh the risks, your pet will share most of their day AND night with a group of other dogs, likely outside (with the exception of small dogs due to wild animals in the area).  Feeding is always in a private area, and downtime/breaks can be alone, with other quiet dogs, or just switched to a different yard. Otherwise they are part of a "pack" all day, and most likely sleeping and playing with a group in one of our yards at night  Ask for details upon check-in. $80, $65, and $50 reservations have priority, particularly during busy times.

Doggy Daycare
$25 per dog

This is an immersive experience full of all day fun for your pet. Your pet(s) will have an individual area for mid-day break (snacks allowed), and nap time.  Otherwise they are part of our ongoing Pack Therapy model, learning thru group play, and burning lots of energy. We highly encourage any boarders considering this reservation type to book a meet-n-greet to ensure best interest for every animal. If you are not familiar with our Pack Therapy, then a meet-n-greet is the perfect opportunity to see it in action and ask all the questions you want. While many dogs can handle a drop-in (like a dog park), and others can handle a "guided drop-in," most "behavior" dogs need a more structured and slower paced introduction to our facility, and then an introduction to our resident staff dogs before they are ready for four Pack Therapy.  A good meet-n-greet takes from several hours to all day.

Our Services: List

Cat Boarding - One Condo
$20 per night

We love our feline friends too! We have a full cattery to offer, with clean and air-conditioned cat condos, separate from our dog boarding. We ensure a safe and calm experience for your cat, with lots of toys, scratch posts and snuggles to offer where they're wanted!

House and Home Boarding Program
$100 per pet/night

We understand some of your fur babies are not accustomed to kennel boarding, especially the elderly and wee ones. We ensure a safe and calm experience in our home, with lots of toys and snuggles to offer where they're wanted!

Pick up/Drop Off Service
Flat $150 per night

Can't make it out to CPL for pick up or drop off? Let us know and we can make the trip out to get your animal and bring them to CPL for their stay, or vise versa.

Add On Services
$ Varies

We strive to offer a playful and fun experience for all our pets. Upon request we offer grain-free soft chews, rib bones, and special treats for those times when downtime gets a little boring. We also offer a check in service, leave your name and preferred number for contact in your reservation and we will send you periodic pictures and updates on your pet(s)! Want a fresh pet when you pick them up, we offer baths too!

Our Services: List
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