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We thoroughly appreciate any support offered.

We are always in need of people to play with, walk, cuddle,
and just spend quality time with our pack animals.

A huge part of rehabilitation in our fosters is socialization,
helping build a sense of reliability and trust in people.

Please use our contact form to get in touch with CPL and
we will reach out and let you know how to proceed with volunteering.

Dogs are a lot of work, trust us, we get it...
Not everyone can meet the physical requirements of walking
and playing with our fosters.

Another incredibly helpful way to support us is to visit our wishlist
and consider donating supplies.

Our fosters are so deserving of a happy and fulfilling life.

We do everything we can to let them know they're loved,
so Thank You for all your donations so far!

Volunteer or Donate: FAQ


Come Volunteer with CPL!

We're more than happy to work with anyone to fulfill the needs of our dogs.


Volunteer hours given for students especially. 

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

Volunteer or Donate: Job Application
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